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Data Injection Markup Language Reference

Template Declaration

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A template declares a sequence of DIML source code as the content of a symbolic reference. The sequence delimited by the template is not part of the final document except it has been "called" or "referred", either directly in the "main sequence", or as subcall of a direct call any deep the nesting level would be.

ID : Identifies the template. The template identity is scoped to the current document. Associating a file URI prefix would scope a reference with an absolute unique identifier.

INLINE : This switch will ask the processor to ignore the first and trailing endline sequence, so that the templates can start immediately at the next line return, and will finish before the endline sequence preceding the closing template tag. This allows cleaner writing of templates which content has an "inline substring" semantic.

STATIC : This switch forces the processor to compilate the template after first collection pass, resolving any STATIC nested calls. This will improve performance if the template is used multiple times in the document.

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