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Data Injection Markup Language

Relative Call In Vectors

Module : Core Groupe : Variables Call

Syntax 1


Syntax 2

<%%implicit-table-name[±offset] scalar-formatters%%>

Very near from the previous one, the relative access to a multidimensional array retrieves the value corresponding to the actual value of the automated index associated to that vector, with a positive or negative offset. The general syntax for this call is:

variable_name[ variable_name§I ± offsetn, variable_name§I§I ± offsetn-1, ... 
variable_name§I§I...§I ± offset1 ]

Note that flowing out of existing data does not provoque any error, but only returns the default value for scalar calls.

IMPORTANT NOTE : This syntax is actually implemented only for vectors (dimension 1).

scalar-formatters: This statement has scalar resolution, formatting attributes of the basic scalar call are applicable.

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