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Data Injection Markup Language Reference

List Exploring (2) (Listsets)

Module : Core Group : Variable Call

This syntax may be the hardest to explain, but is probably the most powerful syntax in the DIML language.

Former syntaxes of multidimentional exploration were assuming the multidimensional array to explore was "cubic" (in a multidimensional meaning). But what about dealing with lists of lists ? The major problem to resolve is that each "line" (that is, the lowest linear dimension in the data array) may have its own length. An exploration based on a "parallepipedic" structure is not optimal.

This syntax considers multidimensional arrays to explore being:

  • A smaller (dimension N-1) multidimensional array which is "parallepipedic".
  • Each cell of the parallepipede is a variable length data vector.

In such a situation, this call iterates the extraction of all the available elements in the lowest dimension vector, just as a list exploration does. This assumes there is a dimensioning value for each cell of the N-1 sized parallepipede (see the full defined matrix).

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