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Data Injection Markup Language Reference

External Script Invocation

Module : Core Group : Scripts
<%invoke script="physical-path-to-script" %>

The invoke statement allows external invocation of a implementation demendant script in a DIML document. Although the DIML processor provides many integrated mechanisms complying most common requirements of CGI applications, some projects may require compilating, extracting or calculating data in a more specific or non sandard way. This statement executes an external Perl script (for the Perl implementation) with the following characteristics:

  • The shell invoking header line (the on e which starts with "#!") is unnecessary, increasing direct platform cross-compatibility.
  • Global cross-platform compatibility only relies on the implementing choices and usual compatibility rules when writing Perl scripts.
  • The script is invoked within the same scope of the processor itself, by the do Perl statement. All available perl librairies, and libraries form the DIML implementation are available (see the DIML programmer tutorial).
  • The script has full access to the DIML interface hastable in the highest scope, known as %main::ESSInput.

Beware: user scripts might create new DIML variables, or undef some other.

script: designates the external script file to be executed, as a physical path URI to the file, either absolute or relatively to the current DIML document location.

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