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Data Injection Markup Language Reference

Template import statement

Module : Core Groupe : Variable Calls
	file="physical-path-to-diml-file#template-name-regex" %>

The import statement allows selecting and importing in local memory templates located externally to the current DIML document, thus promoting code reusability. Importing templates has no counterpart within the current document, conversely to the template statement that adds the template content.

file: Designates the external templates to import. This attribute is a string that may have a path-to-file prefix (avant le #) pointing to the file where the templates are defined, followed by a template selection regex as a document anchor. Selectior regex may be used the following ways:

  • The regex matches an exact template name. The template is loaded.
  • The regex has wildcard: All the matching templates are loaded into processor's memory.

Allowed wildcards:

MetaDescriptionPerl equ
*any char sequence of any length icluding 0.*
.a single char.
?any char 0 or 1 times.?

NOTE : The Perl version of the processor does not avoid using the usual Perl regex syntaxes. The above descriptions are given as quick reference to the most common cases.

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