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Support documents

These documents have been collected here for user who would use DIML for Web Site production:

Full Language Reference

This reference is the closest information to the actual implementation of the Perl processor. A small number of the DIML specification items may still not be implemented.


The set of tutorial is still in work in french. A further translation should be operated.

Test documents

We use document test to check the conformity of the processor when continuing to develop new features.

Bench related documents

You'll find in these documents bench results, and how we get such results.


Documents, scripts and utilities, editor configurations, etc, related to DIML. Any document or data that should help DIML interoperability is welcome.


The FAQ where I'll try to report the most current interrogations.

Buglist (

DIML Web Site buglist. Please be glad to waste one or two minutes to help us enhancing quality of our project.

Buglist (DIML Processor)

Processor and software packages buglist.

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