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Strengthes of the DIML

DIML stands for efficiency, as many experiences can attest. Major qualities are:

Information Representation

DIML allows Web material to keep a "set of documents" aspect, and avoids turn it into a deep and opaque "software application".


DIML has only a few syntaxes and is rather simple. It can be learned in a couple of days.


DIML is well-suited to separate properly design from process, giving nice and clean code sequences.

DIML allows organizing material in layers (eg. "Variables", "Block", "SuperBlock", "Page Layout") in a completely free way. The production power of Web content is directly impulsed by the designer.


DIML has "parametric power", and provides essential logic structures to make code reusable. "Write once what appears in multiple places".

The DIML processor is a fully recursive engine, i.e. templates, variables, alternatives, imports, more generally, all substituted contents, and even internal language attributes (self-parsing) are parsed again recursively, till all DIML has been stripped off.


Autorisant le parsing récursif de ses propres balises (attributs) le DIML se paramètre lui-même. La puissance de programmation est exponentielle.

Le concept de programmation "matricielle" du DIML permet d'écrire en quelques lignes des programmations complexes et très répétitives, particulièrement courantes en TIC

Indépendance et portabilité

Le DIML peut être activé sur n'importe quel serveur Web capable d'exécuter des CGI, est compatible PERL et PHP, et multiplateforme.

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