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The DIML, a new Web Development approach

DIML introduces a new approach in the Web design languages domain. Most of the common scripting languages trends are to agglomerate code and presentational description.
As for an example, in php scripts (that is true also within JScripts or ASP programs) the conditional writing of HTML statements results in a scrambled code where php syntax are mixed with HTML statement. The result of this is that both the programmers and the designers keep unsatisfied of this situation.

In a ideal world, would we likely imagine a productive cooperation between programmers and designers, each one knowing perfectly where are their common boundaries. In this ideal world, we would suppose that programmers would be uniquely interested in the way systems are implemented and mechanism are conceived and optimized.
On the other hand, designers would appreciate that data dynamism and process should be definitively resolved, whatever complexity is involved in these processes. The main work of the designer should be properly speaking designing the interfaces.

So the scripting languages are inversely merely mixing the two techniques rather than attempting to isolate them. From this confusion it results that mechanisms which could be standardized are being developped again and again, just because some aspects of presentation have changed, or because some details in functionality have been modified. Our present proposal, as a server-side code extension to HTML, may constitute some solution to improve "programmer todesigner" interface. We have implemented this extension in order to definitively separate the logic implementation of some client-server functionality and the graphic layout and style of the interface. Posterior investigations have shown that Microsoft ODBC syntax development for IIS server have confirmed the first allegations of the ESSI syntax. For compatibility reasons, we decided to design the ESSI syntax as a super-ensemble of the Microsoft XTH syntax.

DIML is a middle point between standard HTML concepts and XML document structuration (see the conceptual statement of the language). Documents based upon XML (and its associated XSL style language) become very complex quite soon, and developping XML structures need often a long analysis of the document set. DIML technique is a first step in information factorization that prefigure what XML can do but without its complexity.

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