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DIML in five key headlines

What is DIML ?

The Data Injection Markup Language is a powerful and versatile Web templates language that allows factorization and organization of the multiple language expressions that programs a Web page. It will allow very fast dynamic implementation and parametrization of a Web site, with allmost very few programming.
Read more about philosophy...

What is DIML intended for ?

DIML language syntaxes where made for turning static HTML and any other client side language into a parametric language and defining content sequences as reusable templates. It allows an effective separation of what remains fully static (glue) and what is "injected" from dynamic inputs, and will confere the designer full freedom to structurate his project and file set structure.

Who may use DIML ?

DIML is particularly suited for medium-size Web projects, where a static HTML page networks would produce too much repetitions and looses maintenability. It is well suited to structurate PHP or Perl based projects in the Small & Medium Sized Businesses, providing a very fast and skill-affordable access to dynamic Web services. Moreover, its efficiency on huge projects is demonstrated.

Why use DIML ?

Because it implements the valuable speration between design and application (View-Controller paradigm). Because it allows reaching high complexity services that only complex frameworks (Servlet, Java, Application Servers) could reach, with a low human knowledge involvement. Because it pragmatically bursts up maintenability managing compact code sets where data, design, and process can be very close although clearly separated.

Who are DIML competitors ?

DIML has more and more competitors. Some of them have far much more visibility and developping power than me. I used to see each month newer template technologies, from very private one to wide known projects :

  • SPIP : Elaborated in France, has a local community attached to it, and has a pretty Content Management Framework. SPIP was initiated quite at the same time than DIML, by two major companies webmasters (one is "Le Monde").
  • iHTML : A Canadian initiative, which is actually non free licence. Very close to DIML concepts, adding more standard variables, but with no recursive definition.
  • PHPLib Template : A small template library that injects a data hash into an HTML template. No recursion, and very fiew control structures. Just an utility for standard procedural PHP developements.

What is DIML position ?

Desperatly the last one I fear, in spite of all my efforts to build a fully documented, highly featured, and fast and easy strategy for buidling Web.

Why not renouncing ?

Did Van Gogh ask himself this kind of question, although quite creeping hungry ? I will not renounce unless I get a far more passionating job. All this construct was the result of thousand hours and hundred nights. I just would like someone dare look at what we've done. We keep proud and convinced of most part of our concepts, working daily with them. Each week adds more features and more results to this project, not so fast than other fully human-powered teams, but with a so satisfactory productivity...

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