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Installation guide (DIML_PHP 1.5 03/2004)

Check the distribution content

You should have 6 main Perl files to activate the processor :

  • The processor activator : ESSI.php
  • The main configuration file : ESSIConf.php
  • The DIML processor library : ESSIParser.php
  • The CGI related functions library : ESSICgi.php
  • The general utilitary library : ESSIGen.php
  • The Web Component1 dedicated library : ESSIWct.php

You may also want to install these extension libraries:

  • The XML data extraction library: ESSIXml.php
  • The SQL access library2: ESSISql.php

(1) this library is not mandatory and all the implemented features in the ESSI specification should be available.

(2) Only for MySQL handling at this date.

Installation of the DIML handler on Apache (Windows)

  1. Unzip the archive in a PHP enabled directory.
  2. Unzip all graphic resources in a subdir called "graphics"
  3. Program the URL redirection for ".pdim" file in Apache:

    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteRule ^(.*\.pdim)(.*)$ http://{URL_to_DIML_PHP}/ESSI.php?org=%{SCRIPT_FILENAME} [R,QSA,L]
    RewriteRule ^(.*\.pdim)$ http://{URL_to_DIML_PHP}/ESSI.php?org=%{SCRIPT_FILENAME} [R]

Run the demo

The ESSI processor demo and test file is provided in the archive.

  • Copy the file "dimltest.pdim" into a DocumentRoot directory in the scope of the URL rewriting setting.
  • Browse to the network URL of the test file "http:// .... dimltest.pdim".

All the DIML statements should have been removed and specified values set into the resulting fields.

Installing on an Apache for Linux

Do exactely the same than above.

Take care of the case of the module names : ESSI.php, ESSIGen.php, ESSIWct.php, ESSISql.php, ESSIXml.php and ESSICgi.php, but you are already a Unix pro, aren't you !

Running DIML on an IIS Microsoft

We have at this date not checked any equivalence for the redirection mechanism we used on an Apache.

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