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Contribute to DIML

We look for the kind of following people to help us develop & promote DIML language:

You're welcome to contribute to the DIML projet any way you want. Please contact the DIML project manager for any question.

Development and resource requirements program

Extending the DIML as a complementary tool with other technologies for constructing Web focusses a higher compatibility and interoperability with other major "technocultures". Here are some of our development and enhancement projets.

DIML motorization and processing

  • Java implementation servlet compatible

    We expect a Java version of the DIML processor to be written for use in java based Web Application Servers as collaborative or alternative model of the JSP model.

  • C implementation

    We think this version is not a priority, but should largely improve its adaptation as an external additional library for Php, or direct call of an exe through the CGI door. We expect more performance improvement of this version, depending on the algorithm that will be choosen.

  • C implementation (optimized)

    This version of processor seems to be real developer challenge as three student teams could not get rid of its algorithm. This processor is based on an original concept of string encoding (Virtual Strings) that will give extreme speed when reconstructing the final document.

  • Php script implementation

    Well, basically, Php would not need such an approach. Php developers have sufficient deal with programming languages to find by themselves the appropriate capitalizing tools. However, numerous hosting providers do promote Php rather the Perl platform. Implementing a Php of the DIML engine allow porting most DIML-based applications on Php platforms, with a minimal adaption cost by user scripts.

    Project status : in progress.
    Main Contributors : Christophe Coiffier - EISTI 2002 (DIML engine core functions)
    Jean-Louis Campion - EARLY (librairies)
    Vincent Lambert - EARLY (librairies)

    Related accessories and utilities

    • Site compiler

      The site compiler acts as a "web sucker" an tries to construct a static image of a DIML based site using systematic browsing. It will optimize page availability transforming in a standard HTML ressource web pages that do not imply complex and highly dynamic processes. The site compiler should be also used to convert a network dynamically diffused content into a local browsable content. The site compiler will be alble to follow links, recognizes external links, and knows how to continue browsing through finite rabge parametric links (example : selects, radio buttons, or parameters with explicit domain range description).

    Extensions & enhancements

    • DIML_XML

      This projet is particularly important for DIML future, as it foresees a interoperability with XML. A quadruple interface definition might be then defined as:

      • Layout, styling and visible elements : HTML + Javascript
      • Organization and structure : DIML
      • Process : Perl
      • Literals : XML, SQL

      Project status : alpha test.
      Contributors: Valery Frémaux - EARLY (Perl implementation)
      Jean-Louis Campion - EARLY (experimentations)
      Julien Kirch - EISTI Promo 2002 (specifications and documentation rewriting)

      All material is copyleft V.G. FREMAUX (EISTI France) 1999 to 2003 except explicitly mentioned